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Industrial Electrical Services

If you are looking for a industrial electrician to help at your factory across Gympie, Maryborough or Noosa then you’re in the right place.
Cobolt offers a wide range of industrial electrical services and can help with any aspect of your factory electrical needs.

On time, on budget and to the highest standard, contact the team today to discuss your electrical needs.

Gympie Industrial Electrician Services

  • Infrastructure installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair services
  • Industrial lighting and power installations and maintenance
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Primary maintenance
  • Secondary maintenance
  • Cable support systems which include
    • Cable tray
    • Ladder tray
    • Cable chains
    • Oil resistant conduits
    • Metal conduits
    • PVC conduits
  • Machine lighting
  • Machine safety systems testing and installation
  • Specialty machine and plant retrofits and installations
  • Machine upgrades
  • Switchboards and switch gear maintenance and installations
  • PLC installation and programming
  • VSD installation and programming
  • Motor control and automation
  • Communications installation and maintenance
  • Measurement installations
    • Thermocouple
    • Flow control
    • Pressure control
    • Vacuum
    • level control
    • speed
  • Process control and recorder installations
  • Generator and UPS system installations
  • Fault finding
  • Electrical design and plans
  • Circuitry and switchboard identification systems
  • Earthing systems installations
  • High voltage switching and coordination
  • General plant maintenance such and
    • power tool repairs single and 3 phase
    • Welder repairs
    • Motor overhauls
    • Specialty appliance repairs
    • motor replacement
  • Information display systems
  • Site acceptance testing (RCD’s, emergency lighting, work area lighting levels, test and tag)
  • Factory acceptance testing¬†(RCD’s, emergency lighting, work area lighting levels, test and tag)
  • Agriculture Acceptance testing¬†(RCD’s, emergency lighting, work area lighting levels, test and tag)
  • Transformer maintenance
  • Remote control systems installation and maintenance

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